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Foundation for Gaia
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The Foundation for GAIA was founded in 1983 when we realised that the whole ecosystem had been so endangered by the actions of the human race as to threaten the life-support system of the planet. We were determined to do something for Gaia, the ancient Greek goddess of the Earth representing the living beings of this planet as embodied in all its life-forms and ecosystems. The ecological ethic calls for humankind to act in partnership with nature in protecting the complex life-support system of the planet, to husband resources appropriately, to develop clean energy sciences and to move towards a new sustainable and just economic system that makes a clear distinction between wholesome and cancerous forms of growth.

The Foundation for GAIA believes that every living being is unique, and respect for the diverse cultural, spiritual, social and ethnic values of the human race is paramount to our philosophy. With a view towards an equitable and humane world, the Foundation for GAIA posits that a fundamental human right is that of living within a balanced bio-system, where the health of that bio-system is seen as integral to the health and flourishing of life. Gaia, Mother Earth and Pachamama are the names used by different cultures for the living earth related to an ecological ethic that involves the identification with the whole of nature, from the smallest life form to the planet itself and the evolutionary forces that prevail at each level. Individuals and organizations working as catalysts for the awakening of human consciousness are an important part of this ecological work, because it is from such a shift that a new set of fundamental assumptions about human life will emerge.

Partnership has been a key part to our approach since the start. Dialogue and exchange of views with all local actors is important and has greatly contributed to the success of our projects and initiatives. A natural outcome of our work is the identification of existing models - or the creation of new ones - which are pivotal in opening up new directions in ecological and global thinking and action and to formulate small, cost-effective programmes and projects.

Through NGO representation at international forums such as at the United Nations and its various bodies in Geneva and Vienna, we are ideally placed to represent such concerns, and work ceaselessly, with our partners, to put environmental and human rights issues on the international agenda and to work together to achieve our vision of an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable and equitable world.



All Contents on this site may not be reproduced without written consent. Views reflected in articles are not necessarily endorsed by the Foundation for Gaia.

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