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Palpung Sherabling - H.P. India
Palpung Munishasan Dharma Chakra Sangh (PMDS) is an international educational non-governmental and non-profit organization with its HQs in India. It comprises a global network of 25 affiliated centers in over 15 countries that has to date initiated projects related to education, health, community development and environmental restoration. PMDS aims to promote, encourage and support all activities that will contribute towards peace and cooperation amongst the people of the world by use of the humanitarian principles and encourage and cultivate non-violence as a method of both individual and social growth. The activities, programs, projects and humanitarian initiatives aim to create a space where people can express their inherent potential spiritually, socially and economically and whereby the practical applications are an extension of the underlying principles of inter-dependence, of harmony, of the innate creativity and freedom of the human spirit, inspiring individuals and communities to contribute to human, social and economic change.

2009 Projects:
Auroville Aquadyne

bodgaya Sacred Earth Trust (SET)
Sacred Earth Trust is a platform set up to support and to encourage the sustainable development of the people in Bodhgaya, through co-operation and empowerment. It achieves its goals by • Finding solutions to ways of working within the diverse community and within the wider context, and by • Using the environmental awareness and our relation to the planet as a reflection tool, together- working towards the transformation of consciousness to enable the maximum potential and growth for human development. This is the most recent partnership (2009), with the Foundation for Gaia supporting SET through its initial stages of set-up, mainly through research and networking.

Public Event: Spirituality and the Environment, Geneva Buddhism Conference Centre, Switzerland

During 11th Session of the Human Rights Council, attendance at side-event on Environment and economic, social and cultural rights

Attendance at 11th Session Human Rights Council, UN, Geneva, Switzerland



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