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Throughout all these years students, teachers and NGOs colleagues have told us how useful the  website of the Foundation for GAIA has been to them. In creating this new website, we have made it a point to keep this informative format that includes general information on a particular topic and supplies many links so that people have easy access to information related to the environment and related issues. 

We are well aware that there are many for whom English is not their main language and so we have made an additional effort, whenever possible, not to use jargon but to use easy to understand language. We have also written this so as to be useful for primary and secondary school students and links are provided for those needing to engage in more in-depth research. The Foundation for GAIA is as much an educational organization as one involved with many projects worldwide.




All Contents on this site may not be reproduced without written consent. Views reflected in articles are not necessarily endorsed by the Foundation for Gaia.

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